Soft Tissue Therapy focusing on Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons

About The Bowen Clinic

Jane Bowen ClinicBowen Technique Practitioner Jane McAneney, a qualified Nurse with over 25 years experience, gained predominantly as a practice nurse within GP surgeries, has established The Bowen Clinic in South West Durham. Jane had heard about The Bowen Technique from colleagues and patients. When a long standing shoulder injury had failed to respond to conventional treatments Jane decided to try The Bowen Technique. After only two treatments Jane was impressed with the rapid improvement and subsequent recovery from her symptoms. It was primarily through this positive experience, combined with her special interest in promoting and maintaining good health, that Jane decided to specialise in The Bowen Technique.

The Bowen Clinic, in association with The Pioneering Care Centre, has been established to provide treatment for people of all ages from pregnant ladies, newborn babies, children, adults and the elderly in a multi disciplinary and professional environment. The unique collaboration of diverse services provided under one roof by The Pioneering Care Centre includes:

  • The Jubilee Medical Centre
  • NHS Clinics
  • Therapies and Treatments
  • The Village Pharmacy
  • Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service
  • Community Home Treatment Team
  • Disability Projects and Activities
  • Lifestyle and Exercise Classes
  • Hydrotherapy Pool

Within this dynamic and proactive setting a variety of presentations can be treated safely and successfully with The Bowen Technique.

Jane has great aspirations for the clinic “I have experienced first hand, both as a client and as a practitioner, the beneficial effects of The Bowen Technique and I can see how so many people could respond positively to this gentle but effective treatment. When we live in a world where often you feel rushed and uncared for I have focused on ensuring individuals receive time and support in a safe, relaxed and unhurried environment. Throughout my nursing career I have become familiar with many of the complaints presenting in the surgery treatment room. I am convinced The Bowen Technique has the potential to offer a highly effective treatment for a multitude of presentations.”