Soft Tissue Therapy focusing on Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons

What Clients think of The Bowen Technique


“After the first session I left in considerably less pain than when I got there. I felt immediate relief from persistent lower back pain. Since starting Bowen treatment I have had fewer headaches and have slept far better. I used to wake up several times a night with severe hip pain and spasms. After 3 or 4 sessions I have not had any problems during the night with this. I will continue receiving Bowen treatments as I find it helps me keep the pain away. It’s hard to describe the effects of Bowen, but I have felt various parts of my body shifting and realigning, sometimes during the treatment and sometimes afterwards – each session has been beneficial and provided relief from a variety of symptoms. I would thoroughly recommend Bowen to anyone.” 



“Jane has offered a personal and flexible approach starting with a couple of home visits in the early days following my operation. The treatment has been flexible to suit my needs at each visit. I have now made a full recovery but still attend regularly to maintain my health and well being.” 



“Sitting and standing are much easier as I don’t have to think before I do it. I think the way it has benefitted me personally is that it has given me back a freedom of movement I haven’t had for years.” 

Mr. J


“Feel like I’ve got my arm back! Able to do most things with my left arm as well as my right. Feel able to be more active, able to enjoy life to full capacity. Feel a lot happier. Sleep patterns better. Less depressed (I have a long term mental health disorder).”

Mrs. B   


“Despite tweaks occasionally my shoulder pain has reduced considerably enabling me to exercise and sleep normally again. The Bowen Technique was very strange as it was a “pain free” treatment which I had never experienced before. Other therapy that I had received was always very painful. The results I received after having the Bowen, especially with mobility in my neck and shoulders, were also very quick to take effect. I would definitely recommend The Bowen Technique to anyone who like me has been suffering from prolonged injuries as it really helped me.”



“Yes I’ve had daily aching pains in both knees for six years as a result of four knee operations. Since having Bowen on my shoulder, my body has realigned and my knee pain has now been alleviated.

I am now much more flexible in my right shoulder. I am able to exercise properly. I still have minor residual discomfort so I will be making a further appointment for more Bowen treatment. I tried other types of therapy but none where as effective as Bowen. I was very skeptical of Bowen after reading the leaflet and speaking with the consultant but after my second session the relief I was getting was lasting longer and being more noticeable. I was a believer in Bowen after my second session. The more treatments I had the more I noticed my whole body feeling better and I was amazed at the serendipity effect of my knee pain being relieved after six years of pain from four operations. My shoulder and my knees are substantially improved so my outlook has changed on the treatability of the conditions. I have even started running and training in the gym again. Thank you.”

Mr. A 


“Can now freely turn my neck (especially when reversing the car – that’s the movement). Relaxing technique – more often sleep better. Following some sinus attention my blocked nose and sinus pressure seemed to shift. 

After my treatments I feel relaxed and ready to fight the world – Jane has helped me to stop living my life at 100 miles an hour. So comfortable and just relax into a zone when on her table – experienced some blue lights sensation – “Northern Lights” on one session. That night I slept “all night” straight through alarm and we were all late for school and work – never been known.”



“Walking without discomfort, driving long distances. A feeling of wellbeing after treatment, my life is now back to normal, I waited too long before seeking help. To avoid a similar thing happening in the future I am attending a regular checkup every two months.” 

Mr. Moore 


“I failed to recover after my fourth knee operation. I experienced sharp pains which prevented me from running to the point that often my knees were painful when standing at work.

I was unable to run which I have done all my life. Keeping fit has and still is very important to me and the thought of not being able to run again was a huge blow.

Having just had a few sessions of The Bowen Technique with Jane I tried running slowly and with much relief I was able to run a few miles a couple of times a week without any pain.

I have also experienced pain in the ball of my right foot. This also faded away. Now I don’t feel any pain at all. Without doubt I honestly feel that without The Bowen Technique I wouldn’t be where I am now, I really felt I was at a point of no return with my injury; it’s fantastic to be able to run again with no pain at all.”     



“I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my left leg from the hip down. I was also getting a lot of cramp in both feet. The discomfort in my leg was worse when I was sitting down and made it quite painful on standing. I found it difficult to get comfortable at night, therefore disturbing my sleep leaving me tired and lethargic the following day.

Since starting treatment at The Bowen Clinic the discomfort in my leg has subsided considerably. I am not having as many disturbed nights, therefore I feel much better on awakening. Movement on standing is much less painful also.

Jane has taught me the importance of drinking more water which in itself has had additional benefits. I have always suffered from headaches but since starting the Bowen treatment and re-educating myself on the importance of drinking more water, the headaches have become less.

The Bowen treatment is a gentle technique that is performed through light clothing in a relaxed environment which was one of the reasons I decided to try this treatment. I feel very comfortable having this treatment. Jane is a good listener, explains where she feels the problems are and how she is going to help those problem areas. During the treatment she tells what she is doing and why. This helps me to understand the treatment and the benefits it will have.”



“I was introduced to Bowen by a family friend and was skeptical of its benefits. I didn’t realize how effective it was until I turned my head when driving to check at a junction and then realized that I had done this without the usual limited movement. Since then I feel the whole Bowen therapy is the most effective treatment I have tried. It works to release the tension that builds in my muscles which is the result of limited movement from the osteoarthritis.”



“As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia I suffer with widespread body pain, fatigue and depression. I was unable to walk for a distance, exercise and attend social events. I now spend more time with friends and family and take part in exercise classes and jogging. I feel a lot calmer in myself and happier with life on a whole.

Following my treatments my pain levels have been dramatically reduced, my sleep pattern has improved and I have a better quality of life. I am able to take part in activities that a year ago would have thought impossible which has resulted in me being a healthier and more active person. The treatment it self is very relaxing and not invasive and I often find myself drifting off to sleep!”



“I come to Jane once a month and it has changed my life. My asthma is now so much more controlled. I am on fewer tablets. I don’t get many sinus infections and my hay fever is improving and I wanted to say a big thank you. Today I went swimming properly at my local pool. This is the first time since I started to see Jane and I achieved twenty two lengths – a little wheezy but much better than previously. If it wasn’t for Jane I wouldn’t be able to continue swimming. To anyone who is asthmatic or has hay fever I would advise them to try The Bowen Technique. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.”



“My asthma was getting worse and also my heart was racing and I was feeling very anxious all the time. This didn’t prevent me from doing anything but I was not enjoying life. I felt like everything was getting on top of me and I felt stressed at work resulting in lack of concentration. The feeling of blackness lifted and I was better able to cope at work and home. My asthma got much better.

When I came for my first treatment I felt very low, tearful and anxious all the time. Following my first treatment I experienced very heavy limbs and flu like symptoms and I was extremely cold. This lasted for the day but the next day I felt I had much more energy. The effects on the next two visits were less dramatic however my symptoms were really improving. I would strongly recommend The Bowen Technique and I have since maintained my visits and other skeletal / back issues have also dramatically improved.”    

Mrs. S 


“I attended my first session of The Bowen Technique after eighteen months of chronic neck pain. Conventional medicine had worked to a degree however I still had problems. My pain was to be controlled with increased doses of pain killers. I felt that was not the answer. I came to The Bowen Clinic thinking I would try this treatment as nothing else worked fully. After two sessions of The Bowen Technique my neck problems began to ease. After six sessions the symptoms cleared significantly plus I began to feel well in myself, more alert and no need for pain relief. I know attend The Bowen Clinic for top up treatment. My body tells me when it is needing a little assistance from The Bowen Technique. I highly recommend Jane and I cannot thank her enough. She gave me my life back, free from pain – thank you so much.”       

Mrs. C 


“On the whole, on my own account, I did not expect this to work in the way it has and the powers of this procedure. Before the very first treatment I was very apprehensive about the whole thing, as I have tried many different treatments in the past. After the first treatment I had almost instant changes to my whole wellbeing and the way I had felt for months.  

I cannot begin to say how thankful I am. Words cannot explain the way I feel for what Jane has done for me. My life has come back, I feel like I am me again. Before the treatment I was stuck in a very dark place with nowhere to turn and almost near to ending my life. It was terrible. I still attend the clinic every 4-6 weeks for a top up and it works every time. The Bowen is in my view a very good treatment for any anxiety symptoms. Anyone that does suffer from this will know where I am coming from. Now my symptoms are very low if any at times. It’s like a miracle cure (thank you Jane). You have given me my life back.”